Windows Live and You: Messenger and Apple – a good combination?

Found the preceding “Windows Live and You” interviews interesting?
This time, I talked with Bram Lancsweert, living in Belgium. He loves Apple and Mac, but also Windows Live. Let’s see how those two fit together.

mynetx: Nice that you got some time to talk with me about Windows Live and You.
To begin, please describe yourself and your connection with Windows Live, in one sentence.

Bram: I’m a fervent user of Adium on my Mac, but when i’m not on my Mac I always use Windows Live Messenger in combination with Messenger Plus! Live.

mynetx: So you’re “only” a normal Messenger user?

Bram: When not on Mac, I’m a user of Windows Live Messenger with Plus!.

mynetx: What is your favorite feature in Messenger?

Bram: Just the Chat function.

mynetx: No special needs?

Bram: No, most favorite things are in Plus!. 😛

mynetx: And looking to the other Windows Live Programs and Web services, what function do you like most in one of them?

Bram: Windows Live SkyDrive, the way of having a on-line hard drive.

mynetx: Do you use it much?

Bram: I use it daily.

mynetx: What is the thing you’d love most to be added to Messenger?

Bram: Not really anything. I want a Messenger for Mac who is similar to Windows Live Messenger.

mynetx: Good idea! Do you think Microsoft will realize this?

Bram: The Windows Live Team is not the Mactopia team, so Messenger gets developed by two different teams … so I don’t think it comes; however I hope it!

mynetx: And, what do you guess the Windows Live Team might add in Wave 4?

Bram: I hope the signature sounds from WLM 14 Beta come back in Windows Live Messenger with Wave 4… Together with a good Windows Live Web Messenger.

mynetx: Let’s have a look at your personal usage. Are you running Messenger 24/7? Maybe you’ve got kind of a daily routine with Windows Live.

Bram: I’m not using it 24/7 … but I use it daily, on Mac and on Windows.

mynetx: And when did you start using Windows Live products? Tell me a bit about your history.

Bram: I use since the start of Windows Live.

mynetx: And before?

Bram: MSN services! 🙂 But that was only, MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger. More services I did not know.

mynetx: You got any tip on using Messenger better, that not all people might know?

Bram: My tip is the thing about Messenger for Mac – they must pay as much attention to it as to Windows Live Messenger.

mynetx: I am asking for a tip for the users, not the developers… 😉

Bram: Oh 😛

Bram: Use Messenger Plus! Live, it can make your WLM visually better… Good tip? 🙂

mynetx: 😉

Bram: In combination with Plus! VRT Radiospeler 😛

mynetx: And finally, what part of beta testing is most interesting for you?

Bram: Helping to make the program better so users can get most out of it…

mynetx: Do you think your reports and suggestions within the beta programs you are participating in, are considered?

Bram: I hope (laugh).

mynetx: Great! Nice that you took the time to discuss your position in the Windows Live network – Windows Live and You. Thanks!


  1. I want the Microsoft Messenger Live PLUS.
    Microsoft Messenger really, really, REALLY sucks..
    Is there any way you can make a Microsoft Messenger Live PLUS for MAC? I love my MacBook, but the only thing missing is the Windows Live Messenger PLUS. You should really add some more things, like, color changing things for your name, and a webcam, and video icon section, just like Windows Live Messenger Plus.

    It would be GREAT to have something like that.

    Please E-Mail me when you make something amazing like that.

    Thank You.

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