My browser is a bad guy :(

“Windows Live is designed for you, but maybe not for your browser.”

Windows Live is designed for you, but maybe not for your browser. This was what I saw on my screen when I opened Windows Live Calendar with Google Chrome. The alert advises me to use either Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Safari 3 or higher, or Firefox 2 or higher, in this order.

Questions arising are:

  • Where are Opera and Chrome?
  • Why are the browsers sorted in this order?
  • Why does the alert call using a different browser “upgrading to” them?
  • Does Calendar participate in the European Union browser war?

The fun with the alert is, when I click the link “continue without upgrade,” everything works just fine.
So what?


  1. You say you were opening it in Chrome, so obviously Chrome isn’t supported,would be silly to recommend Chrome then.

    As for Opera, nobody uses that, it has been a dead browser for years, unlike what the Opera guys like you to think.

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