How-to: Contact the Windows Live support

If you have problems with a Windows Live service, you can open the help topics. If you don’t find any solutions there, please contact the free support. Here is how:

  • The support website is
  • Under the heading “Standard services”, you can report a Windows Live service abuse or open the help topics for the products – just click the corresponding page.supportlivecom
  • For example, if you want to report an abuse, click “Windows Live Messenger abuse” and fill the form.
  • If you have chosen a help topic and cannot find what you were searching for, you can send a message to the support. You will usually get a reply within a few days. To compose a message, click any question in the left menu and then choose “More help” on the right bottom. The form will appear.
  • Tip: You can also report SPIM (unsolicited advertisement instant messages) that you received, even from friends, using the abuse form.


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  1. Good and informative post! Even someone who has used Windows Live from its inception like myself often gets muddled with where to give feedback so this is really useful. Well done

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