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This is a guest post by Patchou, Messenger Plus! creator.

I admit it, at first, it was fun to count the years. But now, like for a kid who has grown older, it seems that Messenger Plus!’s childhood is over as the intervals between its birthdays become less and less significant and noticeable. 8 years now my friends, yep… 8 years. What’s even more surprising, at least to me, is that I still feel the need to do more, much more with this software. Considering the massive amount of people who use it every day, it’s incredible to think about all the possibilities that are still left to tap into. Messenger Plus! has grown way past its original intended life span and version 5 will mark the beginning of something new, different, and more satisfying for everybody.

Speaking of version 5, while I’m still working on the schematics, I thought I could make this step more interactive than I’m used to. The question I want to ask you today is: What do you think of Messenger Plus! ? Do you like it, hate it? I often read articles about the software, or even about myself, but for once, I would like my users to give me their honest, true, unfiltered opinion. It can be a single word as well as two pages of text, in English or in French, and I promise to read it all, positive or negative, whether I get 10 answers or 10,000. Also, if you visit forums or blogs as part of your daily internet routine, don’t hesitate to talk about this and bring more people to this news post. Hopefully, this little exercise will also help make a better software and bring better support to those who need it in the future. Thank you!

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