Live Mail Wave 4: Possible New Features and a New Photo

Twitter / Frank X. Shaw: @joshuatopolsky windows live wave 4.According to a tweet-reply by Microsoft’s Vice President Corporate Communications, Frank Shaw, Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 might get Gmail-alike features like Labeling and Archiving.

Therewhile, has published a new screenshot of the Windows Live Mail Wave 4 main window, having the Ribbon incorporated along with more changes.

From the general look-and-feel, Windows Live Mail resembles Outlook 2010 much:

  • The ribbon looks similar to the one in Outlook.
  • The Calendar pane is on the right side, auto-linked to Windows Live Calendar.
  • A new Conversation view is added, making possible to display and treat connected e-mails in a unity.

What do you think about Windows Live Mail Wave 4, from what we see until now?


  1. If it’s actually true, it looks awesome. There were rumors a few months ago (October 09) about wave 4 beta’s… but it’s feb and i haven’t heard of anything regarding that.

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