The 2009 Summary: The Top Ten Posts

Welcome to 2010!  The last year has been filled with many Messenger error codes.  Do you want to have a look at the Top Ten list of most-visited posts in this blog?

  1. Messenger problems: Resolving sign-in error 80072ef3 (24 July)
  2. Plus!Patch 2.0.1 Beta for Messenger 2009: the first Patch Skin (11 January)
  3. Messenger problems: Solving Messenger error code 81000306 at sign-in (14 July)
  4. Phasing out Windows Live Messenger 8.1, 8.5 and 2009 QFE1 (28 August)
  5. Messenger problems: How to solve error code 8e5e0713 (21 July)
  6. Free e-book: Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition – Build a program now! (19 April)
  7. Messenger problems: Sign-in errors 80072ee2 and 80072efd and their solution (23 July)
  8. OneCare and Windows 7 (30 March)
  9. Still on Messenger 8.5? You need to upgrade now. (6 November)
  10. How-to: Minimize Messenger to the system notification area in Windows 7 (14 May)

As this list shows, Messenger users have experienced various error codes and couldn’t fix them on their own.  Of big concern was the upgrade to Windows 7, with OneCare not working and Messenger changing its minimize mode.

Will Windows Live Messenger 2010, currently in development, be more compatible with the users?


  1. I cant install Windows live messenger. I uninstalled the program a while back and now im trying to reinstall it. The download program says the Windows Live Messenger is already installed on my computer. There must be some files still left on my hard drive but I cant find them. does anyone know what I need to delete manually so I can reinstall this program?

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