Messenger Problems: Get Error Code 80048103 Fixed

You keep getting error code 80048103 when you try to sign in to Messenger?  This might be caused by your nVidia firewall.

  1. Thus, open your Control Panel, and look for the place where to uninstall programs.
  2. In the list, find “Nvidia Network Access Manager” and uninstall it.
  3. Reboot your computer and retry to sign in to Windows Live Messenger.

Be sure that you still have a firewall.  You can simply use Windows Firewall, located in the Control Panel as well.


  1. Dear Klaus,

    I’ve checked the solution you offered but it didn’t work. Because I don’t have Nvidia Network Access Manager installed. Well, Instead I uninstalled every Nvidia program except the graphic drivers but it still gives the same error 80048103. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. tengo un error al instalar messenger el error es 80004004 como lo puedo solucionar

  3. hello, i tried to find the “Nvidia Network Access Manager” but my computer does not have this . the weird part is i can sign in with another msn account but not my own. ?

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