I have created several scripts and tools—here is a small excerpt.

Messenger Plus! Scripts

Bible Quoter

Provides access to bible quotes right in the chat window (supports: ESV, > KJV, NASB, NKJV).

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Searches Bing for a term and displays the result directly in the chat window.

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Submits your currently playing media to

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Play any song instantly. Simply enter /livesong <title or artist> and press Enter.

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Music Notifier

Notifies you when your currently playing music changes.

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Plus! VRT Radiospeler

Listen to all stations of the Belgian VRT, directly in Messenger.  Built in cooperation with Bram Lancsweert and VRT.

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Adds a contact clock into the chat window notification area.  You can set the timezone for each contact individually.

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Updates your personal message with your current Twitter Status, with customizable time interval.

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VER Enhancer

Adds other Messenger add-ons with their versions to (!VER).

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Easy web display of your Messenger status, with dozens of different styles and automatic status update.

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Other Tools

Clubhouse Tags WordPress plugin

Adds Microsoft Clubhouse tags to your blog feed so your posts can propagate on the Clubhouse website and on affiliated websites.

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Messenger Aero Switcher

In Windows Live Messenger 2009 on Windows Vista and Windows 7, Aero is used for drawing the window frames of your contact list and conversation (chat) windows.

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TxtBear WordPress plugin

Upload documents in PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS and many other formats to your WordPress site. Then make them super-accessible to your visitors with the embedded Lightbox Viewer.

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