Three years later…

Three years ago, I wrote about new instant messaging networks for Windows Live. Back then, this was only meant to be an April Fool’s joke. Yet, what we have right now is just what I had foretold… What’s next?

Tweet2PSM for Messenger

Download: [download id=9] Updates your personal message with your current Twitter Status, with customizable time interval. After importing the script, you will be asked for each signed in Windows Live ID if you want to enable the script for this ID. If you choose Yes, you can authenticate with Twitter

Bing for Messenger

Download: [download id=18] Make decisions with Bing — right from your Messenger conversations! Open any Messenger conversation. Type /bing, a space, and enter the term you are searching for. Press Enter, and the results appear instantly! This script is provided in multiple languages; the language sets automatically based on your

So geht’s: Windows Live-Startseite anpassen

Wusstest du schon, dass du auf deiner persönlichen Windows Live Startseite das Layout nach deinem Geschmack anpassen kannst? So geht’s: Klicke oben rechts auf auf Optionen, und klicke anschließend auf Diese Seite personalisieren. Wähle zum Ändern der Reihenfolge der Inhalte im Abschnitt Seitenlayout das Element aus, das du verschieben


I have created several scripts and tools—here is a small excerpt. Messenger Plus! Scripts Bible Quoter Provides access to bible quotes right in the chat window (supports: ESV, > KJV, NASB, NKJV). More info… Bing Searches Bing for a term and displays the result directly in the chat window. More