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How to: Move the SkyDrive folder in Windows 8.1

22 December 2013
The cloud disk SkyDrive is tightly integrated into Windows 8.1. The cloud data are stored in the SkyDrive folder within your user profile. You’d rather want to save the data on a different disk, for example on a second hard disk? No problem: You can move the SkyDrive folder—if you know how.

Windows 8 to ship in October 2012

10 July 2012
On the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto (Canada), Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will get released in October 2012. The RTM version will be compiled in August.

Facebook: Undo automatic e-mail address change in your profile

28 June 2012
Myriads of people from all over the world are complaining about Facebook’s newest work. The reason? Without asking the users and without any announcement, the social network has updated all users’ profiles. Facebook has hidden the real e-mail addresses and inserted their But you can undo this forced change with some simple steps.

Microsoft is touching the Surface

19 June 2012
In an all-secret press event at the Milk Studios in L.A. today (18 June 2012), Microsoft has revealed a new tablet computer. Specifically designed for Windows 8, this tablet runs on either the ARM or the Intel platform. Here’s a first glance at the new hardware.

Three years later...

1 April 2012
Three years ago, I wrote about new instant messaging networks for Windows Live. Back then, this was only meant to be an April Fool’s joke. Yet, what we have right now is just what I had foretold... What's next?

140 characters that change the world

11 November 2011
140 characters—that seems to be quite a limit for publishing a story. Yet, Twitter has changed how people communicate. Twitter Stories is a fine example for just that.

Google+ pseudonyms soon allowed

21 October 2011
The social network Google+ will soon allow people to use pseudonyms. Until now, Google has enforced Google+ users to enter their real names.