Microsoft and Yahoo! Finally Settle a Contract

Microhoo Yahoo! and Microsoft finally settled an agreement on co-operating with Search and Advertising services, originally announced in July.  The co-operation “can occur in early 2010,” read a consequent statement.  The agreement should have already been established in October.  However, the two companies needed more time to settle on the final bits and pieces.

Bing, the popular “decision-making” search engine by Microsoft, will become the only search engine for Yahoo! pages.  As part of the compensation, Yahoo! is to conquest the exclusive sales for all the online advertisements of premium customers in both companies.  Microsoft’s AdCenter, however, will manage the other online search ads.  Moreover, the US-American cartel still has to approve of the plans.

The co-operation contract takes place for 10 years.  For this interval, Microsoft receives a license for Yahoo!’s search techniques in order to integrate them into their own Bing and other applications.  Microsoft initially intended to take over Yahoo! completely, but Yahoo!’s shareholders declined.  Microsoft is anticipating a greater deal of the search engine and advertisement market, while Yahoo! calculates with fewer costs.