Plus! Beta for Messenger 14: Soon at hand

Since Microsoft published the latest Windows Live Messenger Beta, I received many complaints about Messenger Plus! not working with that Beta. Seems like people are really missing Plus!’s functions, but most folks only notice that when the enhancements are not present in their Messenger. There were some hacks around to get Plus! working in that beta (that included editing the version info of the Messenger executable to get Plus! loading), but I was pretty unhappy with the result as Plus! was only working at approx. 10% or so.

The more happy I was when I got my hands on the latest Beta of Messenger Plus!. Patchou did a good job and worked on compatibility things so you might be surprised what the result is. I may not disclose the current features but you may look forward to it.

We are also gathering a lot of fresh suggestions and you can also bring suggestions in! What would you like to see in Plus?