Cloud computing and the environment

Being environmentally friendly, also known as “going green,” is very common, with more people getting the idea to save energy and resources. This might include shutting your computer down at nights vs. just using its stand-by mode; it might also include switching off devices when you don’t need them; but

Windows Live Events akzeptiert keine neuen Ereignisse mehr

Wie in einem früheren Beitrag erwähnt, beginnt heute für Windows Live Events die erste Phase der Abschaltung. Das bedeutet, dass man ab heute keine neuen Ereignisse mehr hinzufügen können wird. Existierende Events können bis 2010 exportiert werden. Das Windows Live-Team sagt: Ab Anfang September 2009 kannst du keine neuen Ereignisse

Windows Live Events stops accepting new events

As mentioned in an earlier post, Windows Live Events is entering its first retiring phase today. This means that from today on, you will not be able to create new events. Existing events can be exported until 2010. The Windows Live team says: Starting in early September, 2009, you won’t