Russian Investor Interested in Buying ICQ

According to media reports, the Internet company Aol. is in discussions with a Russian investor about selling the instant messaging service ICQ. In November first rumors appeared that Aol. wants to get rid of ICQ.

New Mobile Twitter Website Soon at Hand

The developers of the microblogging platform Twitter have renovated the mobile website technically and optically. If you’re interested, get a first glimpse of the work at

Facebook’s Privacy Model is Changing

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced changed control features for protecting your privacy. In a letter shown on your profile page today, Zuckerberg is writing that users will be able to add privacy settings to each and every content that you create or upload, such as who may see the content.

Phishing: How You Might Be Trapped

Phishing has grown to be an important malicious way to get your personal data. So, in order to protect your sensitive data and keep them private, you should be alert about phishing. How are you affected?

Hablamos español—but secure, please

Spanish is the first of currently 4 user-translated languages that are about to get added to Twitter. You can now switch the Twitter website to Spanish. And please check your OAuth permissions for unwanted applications. We show how.

Malicious Windows Update mails in the wild

When I opened my mail this morning, I found a message pretending to be from Microsoft. It offered me to install a Critical Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721), and also sent the download link.

100 phishers charged in largest cybercrime case

After investigating 53 people in the United Status and 47 more people worldwide for 2 years, the FBI has charged them in a large phishing case in the U.S. and Egypt.  According to the FBI, the U.S.-Egypt phishing operation collected personal information from thousands of victims and used that information

Cloud computing and the environment

Being environmentally friendly, also known as “going green,” is very common, with more people getting the idea to save energy and resources. This might include shutting your computer down at nights vs. just using its stand-by mode; it might also include switching off devices when you don’t need them; but

Yahoo is socializing—or just copying Windows Live?

Yahoo! has updated Messenger and Mail with numerous new features. Send e-mails with attachments up to 25 MB (instead of 10 MB). Web mail: combined Calendar and Notes feature. Add attachments via drag and drop from your desktop. Images in mails are shown as previews, they are resizable and can