Google Buzz wants to become a social network

With presenting a new product (well, a Gmail extension) on Tuesday evening (9 February 2010), Google has started a little revolution, most reporters and bloggers agree. Google Buzz is the name of the new service, integrated into Gmail and going with the social community trend.

ICQ 7 Integrates Social Networks

ICQ has released version 7 of its messenger client for Windows. The combination of Instant Messaging and Social Networking results in “Social Messaging,” ICQ stated.

Google Docs Gets Free File Storage

The web office Google Docs will soon allow you to store any kind of files. Each file can take up to 250MB, and the total available space is 1GB. Up to now, you could only store Google Docs, PDFs and Picasa photos in Google’s cloud.

What’s Happening? Twitter in German!

The short message platform Twitter is now available in 6 languages, among them German. All texts have been translated by volunteers. German is the last new language that Twitter is adding this year.

News For URL Shortening

The past days have been busy for URL shortening services. Both Google and Facebook had launched their own, semi-private URL shortening domains. After that, the market leader announced the Pro version for companies and businesses.