I still remember the times when there was only limited amount of disk space available (hard disk sizes of 20 MB were common), so keeping files as small as possible was most important. This prerequisite has gone, but there is another one: not everybody has a high-speed web connection! Sure:

Xbox 360 gets socialized

Microsoft announced today on its E3 Press Conference that Facebook, Twitter and integration will be brought to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Tweeting will be easy as nothing from your Xbox. You can now view photos, make friends, and otherwise interact on Facebook directly from the game console. With Facebook

Pilloried: YouTube

The video portal YouTube is blocking access to all music clips, in Germany. Some moments ago, there was the Silbermond video “Irgendwas bleibt”. Now, just a note: “This video is not available in your country,” states YouTube, with 100 million daily retrieved videos the most successful video site on the

Twitter OAuth API now live

Now, I’ve got a new dance for y’all called the Soulja Boy. Oh, wait, no, sorry. The OAuth beta is now open to all developers, though. This was the small tweet by Alex Payne, Twitter’s API Lead, announcing the general availablility of OAuth for Twitter, last Monday. OAuth, designed for