Messenger 2010 to introduce paid badges

Windows Live Messenger 2010, codenamed “Wave 4,” will add badges to your profile.  Badges are small icons that you can use to show that you are supporting a certain team or idea; they are campaigns or affiliations that you can place on your profile.  However, a payment system currently in preparation — reveals that not all badges will be available for free: there will be paid badges.

Windows Live Badges - PayPal payment

Pricing will differ with the badge popularity and reach from $0.49 USD for normal badges, up to $1.99 USD for popular brands. Payment options will include PayPal (as seen above) as well as credit cards, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments.  As these are concurring paysystems, which one will stay remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for more information!


  1. u_u’
    mi msn no sirve trato de instalarlo & me dice ke ya lo tengo pero no u_u’
    lo borree direkto i kreo ke ese fue mi error necesito ke algien me ayuda pleaase!

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