Messenger problems: Contacts appear offline while being online?

Contacts appear offline

For the past several hours, the Messenger servers have been showing the majority of contacts offline.  You can however still talk to contacts using offline message.  There were other similar issues earlier on in the day and the problem just seems to have progressively gotten worse.

This isn’t a new problem either.  Messenger has continually had these problems on and off for several months now.

If you use the Messenger web-based client within Hotmail, or clients which use the older protocol versions (like Windows Messenger on XP), you may get slightly better results, however for the most part there isn’t a lot you can do about it except wait for it to be corrected.

Wolfgang Hoelzel from Microsoft Germany stated:

We are currently investigating the cause of the problem internally.


  1. poes ami me habian avisado sobre este problema mediante un mensaje en el buzon pero no crei pense que era un mensaje mas de esos que no son ciertos espero y que resuelvan el problema :/

  2. Hey . I’ve been having a trouble lately…. its really annoying and seems that u guys have not found a sollution for it … yet if somebody could help me.
    the problem is that i sign in correctly but then I log off in a matter of seconds it says thats is a problem with the UXCORE.dll and it doesnt give me any error code… or number so if somebody has a list of this dll to download it again I would be really gratefull..

  3. I’m running windows7 on my pc, at work all contacts that I have are able to see me but at home some of them are able what’s going on???

  4. Hello
    I’m facing this problems already 2-3 months, it caused many broblems with me.
    Because i don’t know, which contact will see me offline while i’m online.
    But mostly, they c me offline, it concern with my job too.
    Could you pls advice me, if i create new account, this problems will happen with me again??
    I tried many ways to fix this problems, uninstalled and reinstall with lastest version, checked all options, But it cannot help. Please Please what i should do for this problems!!

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