Microsoft settles IM spamming case

Messenger securityToday, Microsoft has settled a lawsuit with a Hongkong-based spammer out of court.  The company Funmobile had sent its advertisement messages to Windows Live Messenger users.

Besides advertisements, phishing messages have been sent, tempting users to enter their Windows Live login data.  Funmobile has now signed a Cease and Desist, Microsoft announced.  Furthermore, the company is going to pay an undiclosed sum to Microsoft.

Tim Cranton, Associate General Counsel at Microsoft“The successful resolution of this case sends a clear signal that Microsoft does not tolerate abuse of its networks,” Microsoft Associate General Counsel Tim Cranton declared.  In the future, Microsoft is going to continue to take measures for protecting Windows Live platform users, he assured.

In the case, Microsoft had shown different examples in which users seemingly had received messages from their contacts.  However, the sender accounts had been taken over by the spammer.  “Such attacks on instant messaging services are more than just a nuisance; they are a threat to user privacy,” Cranton said.

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  1. grrreat for microsoft!!! don’t let people abuse this wonderful service microsoft give all of us!!!!

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