How-to: Shrinking Aero window frame borders

Maybe you are one of those people who like the Windows Vista Aero theme. I admit, I am also one of them… However, what I found annoying is that the frames of the windows are rather wide. Let’s have a look at an example. Click Start, and type “calc” into the search bar. Then press Enter. What you get is something like this:


But there is a good message as well: you can get rid of those thick window frames. Know how? Let’s see.

  1. Right-click your Desktop wallpaper, and choose Personalize.
  2. In the opening window, click the item Windows Color And Appearance.
  3. At the bottom, there is a link named Open Windows Classic Appearance Properties. Click it.
  4. Next, press the button Advanced.
  5. Open the dropdown next to Item, and select Border Padding.
  6. Now, in the Size field, enter whatever you want to, while 4 is the default value.
    0 will shrink the frames to their minimum.
  7. Press OK twice, and close the Control Panel window. You’re done!

If you chose to disable those borders completely, this is what you should see now:


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