But… I just wanted to sync some files!

Yesterday I needed to set up an automatic backup system for files on 2 Windows servers.  I figured out that Windows Live Sync might be good for—synchronizing files (well, yes 😛 ).  And as I never tested Sync thoroughly yet, I figured out this was a good chance.  After some doubtful moments because I didn’t know if Live Sync would run on a 64-bit Windows (Messenger officially doesn’t), I was surprised by a really quick installation.

I tried to add the complete folder to synchronize, but all I got was this message:

Windows Live Sync: We couldn’t synchronize wwwroot. The limit for this folder is 20,000 files.

Oh snap!  Why did nobody tell me about a 20,000 files limit?  Well, in the end I could work around it by adding several folders to Sync, leaving out the ones that never change anyways, but… in my opinion this limit is useless.  My current hope is that Wave 4 will remove the limit.

And when we’re about enhancing Windows Live Sync: Browsing for a folder to synchronize is a pain.  Some AJAX would surely speed it up.

By the way: Windows Live Sync is now compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Did you test Sync yet?  What do you think about it?


    1. Hello mcizek,
      You are right: Installing Messenger on x64 works best when using the direct MSI installation. However, you might need additional installers for “Windows Live Contacts” and “Segoe UI.” On Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64, Messenger can install with the normal EXE installer.

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