I still remember the times when there was only limited amount of disk space available (hard disk sizes of 20 MB were common), so keeping files as small as possible was most important. This prerequisite has gone, but there is another one: not everybody has a high-speed web connection! Sure:

Messenger problems: Affected by Offline mode

Windows Live Messenger is using the same Internet libraries as Internet Explorer, and thus also using the same connection settings. This means that if Internet Explorer is set to Work offline, Messenger will consider this and deny to sign in. To disable Internet Explorer Offline mode, try the following. Click

Messenger problems: Configuring your firewall

A lot of connection problems of all kinds will raise if you are using a firewall that does not allow Windows Live Messenger to connect to the MSN servers. Here are some key tips on which communication needs to be allowed and white-listed so that Messenger can sign in properly.

I love you

It is amazing we have met. I simply can’t live without you. I cannot believe that it is only 3 years since our paths crossed, because I fell like knowing you my whole life. In these 3 years that I know you, you have come to be my best friend,

How-to get your webcam working again in Messenger

You have a webcam, connect it to your computer, but Messenger doesn’t recognize it? There are several tips you might try out. Restart Messenger. The camera might appear now. Doesn’t work? Restart Windows, having the webcam plugged in (if external). Is the cable connected correctly? Look in “My Computer” (Windows