How-to: Using Windows Startup Repair

The new Windows is pretty stable. Once installed, it usually works like a charm. However, even the most stable operating system can run into problems, for example if important system files get corrupted due to hard disk failures. The good thing: Windows 7 ships with a repair feature.

Windows Startup Repair

You can repair Windows 7 in the case of emergency:

  1. Turn on the computer and press the F8 key repeatedly, until a text menu appears.
  2. Now select the entry Repair computer, and confirm by pressing Enter.
  3. Windows will now check its own installation for any critical problems and repair itself.

If the automatic repair fails, the window System Restore Options appears.

  1. Confirm the first steps of the wizard with OK or Next.
  2. Then click System Start Repair.
  3. By clicking Restore, the system is restored to the last saved system restore point.

No Repair option visible?

If the entry Repair computer is missing in the F8 menu, you have to boot your computer with a repair DVD. However, you have to create this repair DVD first. In a running Windows 7 instance, click Start, All Programs, Maintenance, System repair disk. Insert the DVD created like this, and boot your computer with it.