Beware of the current Messenger virus

A computer virus is spreading at the moment, and Messenger is one of the places where it is distributed.  Maybe you have heard about it.  Here are some tips to avoid getting the virus, and what you can do if you got it already.

How do I know whether I have the virus on my computer?

As soon as you sign in to Windows Live Messenger with the infected computer, the virus starts sending messages to all contacts that are online.  It does that to spread itself.  The chat window closes automatically after sending the message, so you will only detect it if you watch closely.  Afterwards, your account will be set to Away and you cannot send nor receive messages.

How can I know whether my friends have the virus?

Suddenly you will receive a message from a contact that just signed in, looking somewhat like the following image:


When you click that link, you will get the virus on your computer, so DON’T click it!

There are more versions of this link, having Twitter, MySpace or Facebook web addresses in them.

What can I do?

…when I think my computer is infected?

Install an anti-virus program right now.  You may want to take a look at the free Microsoft Security Essentials.

…to protect my computer against the virus?

NEVER click all links that you receive, there could ALWAYS be a virus behind them.  That may especially be the case when you get the link without a prior conversation.

Always ask the contact: “Did you just send me a link?  What is it about?”

Never forget to think and ask before you click a potentially malicious link.


  1. joo como puedo quitar el virus, me esta fastidiando bastante el no poder hablar con mi gente

  2. je ne peux parler avec mes contacts sans que 30 seconde apres cela la communication se coupe

  3. como puedo quitar el virus ese , es k no puedo nio hablar con mi gente y ya me tiene mal , diganme como lo puedo quitar ?

  4. i got the virus from one of my contacts and essentials antivirus elliminated it!!!its just grate!i dont change it even for the most expensive!!!

  5. One idea is to email and message ALL your friends and tell them about this, in case they have not yet been infected and in case theymight otherwisw click on th elink when they receive one
    I am, in general very opposed to chain-messages that clog the net but this time….. it’s exceptional so I attach a sample of message I have created and unless you have abeter one, send it to ALL your friends as soon as possible

    If you receive from a friend a chat message (MSN, YAHOO etc), containing an alleged a link to some photos on a website, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.
    The message is most likely sent by the virus, from an infected computer. (NOTE the link often ends in .php, which indicates a program, not in .jpg which would indicate a picture) .
    While I am in principle opposed to chain-mail and causing email avalanches, this is an emergency and if we all act fast, we may reduce the spread of this very perverse virus.
    Send this to all your friends in case it saves them from getting infected

  7. found that if u change ur pass word it solves this problem.. also windows defender works and spybot sd residential removes the problem

  8. i had one like that before i used the anti-virus and deleted it it was hard to do that :S
    and 1 of my MSN contacts got this virus right now

  9. This is all very well, but doesn’t anyone know of where there is a removal tool? Windows Defender picked said there was a worm on my system and that I should run a ful Antivirus scan. This I did with Avast, but it failed to detect the worm. My IE is infected now too – every page I go to has some stupid Adware blocking it and it hijacked the home page.

  10. I got one of those weird links from a friend recently. Knowing what it was, I closed the message box without clicking on the link but I still wound up infected! How is that possible??

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