Messenger Problems: Resolving sign-in error 800702e4

Messenger sign-in error code 800702e4

If you are getting the error code 800702e4, that can be related to an Instant Messaging blocker in your antivirus software. Max Messenger has done some research and found notes that with the one or other antivirus program, you have to white-list Windows Live Messenger for it to work properly.

Thus, try opening your antivirus software preferences and look through its options to find a list of programs where you can add Windows Live Messenger.

If you have any further tips for specific antivirus programs, please leave a comment. Best thanks!


  1. Estimados señores: estoy teniendo problemas con windows live messenger ya que el se inicia normal pero despues se cierra a los 2 segundo , me gustaria saber si hay problema con messenger .

    gracias .


  2. Estimados señores: Estoy teniendo Problemas Con Windows Live Messenger ya Que else INICIA normal despues Pero Se cierra un 2 Los Segundo, me gustaria si sable heno mensajero Con Problema

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