Messenger: Is your chat history full?

The chat history in Windows Live Messenger cannot contain an unlimited amount of messages.  When it is full, you will see a notification like the following one:

Messenger: Full message store

There are two possibilities to avoid losing messages.

Firstly, you can choose to have your old messages archived in a separate log file.

Secondly, you can always switch over to the chat history logger integrated into Messenger Plus!.  It will archive your messages on a monthly basis, so your log files can never grow too much.

How-to: Configure Messenger Plus! to log your conversations

  1. Open your Messenger main window.
  2. Click the Plus! icon, and choose Preferences & options.
  3. Switch to the Conversations tab.
  4. Choose the Chat Logging subtab.
  5. Select the check box Enable chat logging by default.
  6. Customize the other settings per your needs.  You can even protect your conversation logs with a password.
  7. Press the OK button to apply your changes.

Messenger Plus: Chat Logging Preferences

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