Sinofsky: “There’s no SD slot in the cloud”

In an interview with ZDNet UK, Microsoft Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky has talked about the future of Operating Systems.  He highlighted that Microsoft doesn’t fear the competition too much.

Sinofsky was asked whether Chrome OS has made Microsoft think differently about Operating Systems today.  Google’s upcoming system is going to focus massively on Cloud-based services and only ship with very few applications running locally on the computer.

Sinofsky hinted that he does not take the whole Cloud discussion too seriously.  “There’s no SD [card] slot in the cloud. I was looking at the cloud, and there’s no print button on the cloud. There’s a lot of things missing.”

When using a Cloud-based Operating system, you lack many possibilities that a modern PC offers you.  “PC hardware keeps getting better, why would you want to give things up, if software keeps getting better?”  Sinofsky is convinced that real software will continue to take advantage of modern hardware, something that Cloud services cannot compete with.


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