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Tag: Wave 5

Windows Live Devices - soon integrated into SkyDrive

5 September 2011
The Windows Live team is currently developing SkyDrive applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Mac und Android. On top of the planned SkyDrive clients for the mentioned systems, an integration of Windows Live Devices is planned.

Windows Live Wave 5: The next version in development

9 July 2011
An all-round update for the Windows Live services is developed at the moment. The recently published new features in Windows Live SkyDrive and Hotmail are only the tip of the iceberg. As Windows 8 sets a large focus on Microsoft’s web services.

Instant update for SkyDrive

21 June 2011
The Windows Live team has published an instant update for the web file storage Windows Live SkyDrive. Modern browsers and HTML5 make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos.

Reinventing Hotmail Wave 5 with HTML5

23 April 2011
The fifth wave of the Windows Live services is due in 2012 the earliest. In this wave, Hotmail could get revamped with HTML5-specific features too. For example, the Hotmail team is planning to support Offline storage.

Windows Live Essentials move into the cloud

1 April 2011
As Microsoft is pushing toward Cloud Computing for many web services, the next logical step is to bring the richness of Windows applications to the Web. This is why you will be able to run the Windows Live Essentials 2012 (Wave 5) applications directly from the Web.

Windows Live Writer: Calling for ideas

14 December 2010
Windows Live Writer is one of the first applications of the Essentials suite to enter the planning phase for its next release, called “Wave 5.” Now is the time to get involved into the plannings, adding your ideas and wishes.