Windows Live Devices – soon integrated into SkyDrive

The Windows Live team is currently developing SkyDrive applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Mac und Android. This is what a job offer reveals that Microsoft posted last week.

Some time ago, the SkyDrive website had been redesigned. New features and advancements are now integrated. However, this is only the beginning of a set of updates coming soon. On top of the planned SkyDrive clients for the mentioned systems, an integration of Windows Live Devices is planned.

Shortly, you will be able to use SkyDrive for accessing and viewing files synced to the web storage from any linked device. Added devices will show up in SkyDrive’s menu, below the “Groups” entry. We don’t know yet whether each device will be able to access SkyDrive’s 25GB storage, or if the current 5GB limit will still be used. The storage systems of Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive might in fact be merged together soon.

This correlates with a statement made by Mike Torres, Group Program Manager for SkyDrive Devices and Roaming:

We know [the connection of SkyDrive and Mesh is one of the] top asks (and that we can improve the usability of the site) and we are hard at work on SkyDrive as we speak.

Concludingly, more big changes are on the way, targeting further “top asks” from the community. Which features would be top for you?