Windows Live and You: A Chinese Microsoft fanboy (Yan Zhu)

Continuing the series of interviews for Windows Live and You, I talked with the owner of Chinese LiveSide, which is He lives in Shanghai, China; many of you will probably know him as “Picturepan2” while his real name is Yan Zhu (??). mynetx: Sorry to steal your night, I

Messenger in Hotmail: You got it now?

According to the most recent announcements, Messenger in Windows Live Hotmail is now available for customers in Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the US. If you are living in one of these countries, you will now be able to chat with your Messenger contacts directly from your

Messenger in Hotmail: Hast du ihn nun?

Laut den neuesten Ankündigungen ist Messenger in Windows Live Hotmail nun für Kunden in Brasilien, Kanada, China, Deutschland, den Niederlanden, Norwegen und den USA verfügbar. Falls du in einem dieser Länder lebst, kannst du nun mit deinen Messenger-Kontakten direkt von deinem Hotmail-Posteingang chatten. Das Hotmail-Team schreibt: Wir freuen uns anzukündigen,

Live Wave 4: Ideen sammeln

Wave 4. Welche Verbindungen ruft dieser Ausdruck in dir wach? Welche Ideen bekommst du, wenn du ihn hörst? Welche Wünsche sollten, endlich, in Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 (2010) umgesetzt werden? Was vermisst du schon seit Ewigkeiten in Windows Live? Und warum? Bitte schreibe mir deine Meinung, Ideen, Wünsche –

Live Wave 4 wishlist: Collecting ideas

Wave 4. What connections does this phrase bring up for you? What ideas do you get when you hear it? What wishes should, finally, be realized, in Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 (2010)? What have you been missing in Windows Live for ages? And why? Please tell your opinions, ideas,

Upgrade notes starting to appear in Messenger

It appears that the Messenger team is planning to introduce upgrade notes to all Messenger users soon. From today, 17 February 2009, onwards, the first notices will be appearing in the Messenger 2009 Beta version. Additionally, all users using the Messenger RC build (14.0.8050.1202) are asked to upgrade their Messenger