Windows Live and You: A Chinese Microsoft fanboy (Yan Zhu)

Continuing the series of interviews for Windows Live and You, I talked with the owner of Chinese LiveSide, which is He lives in Shanghai, China; many of you will probably know him as “Picturepan2” while his real name is Yan Zhu (??). mynetx: Sorry to steal your night, I

New IM networks for Windows Live

In an internal message to developers, the Windows Live team has announced the long-awaited integration of several instant messaging networks to work together with Windows Live. Among these networks to be added are ICQ and Skype as well as AIM, Facebook Chat and Google Talk. “We are currently aiming to

OneCare und Windows 7

Windows 7 wird die Sicherheitslösung Windows Live OneCare nicht unterstützen. Der Grund dafür ist, dass OneCare eingestellt und durch eine kostenlose Alternative ersetzt wird. OneCare wird am 30. Juni 2009 eingestellt. Somit ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass Windows 7, erwartet für Ende 2009 / Anfang 2010, die wenig erfolgreiche Sicherheits-