Hotmail annoyances

Windows Live Hotmail is great: it’s fast, reliable and doesn’t require me to install any client application but a browser. But there are also things in Hotmail that annoy me. Marking mail as junk The Junk filters in Hotmail are very good, as they filter most unsolicited e-mail I receive.

How-to get your webcam working again in Messenger

You have a webcam, connect it to your computer, but Messenger doesn’t recognize it? There are several tips you might try out. Restart Messenger. The camera might appear now. Doesn’t work? Restart Windows, having the webcam plugged in (if external). Is the cable connected correctly? Look in “My Computer” (Windows

Windows Live promotes Bing

If you had a look at the Windows Live Wave 3 headers recently, you might have noticed that Microsoft’s new decision engine Bing is promoted there. Looks like this: Furthermore, Bing has a prominent place on We see that the search box is Bingified, and the big promotion area