Windows Live Essentials… 2011

When talking about the next version of Windows Live Essentials, we talked about its code name “Wave 4,” or about “Windows Live 2010.” Now, Francisco Martín García, related to Microsoft Iberia, has pointed out that the new version is not going to be called “2010.”

Wave 4: Chris Jones about the future of Windows Live

“Wave 4:” In few weeks, Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows Live services. After a long internal test phase with thousands of Microsoft employees, the first release is at hand. Next, end users will get involved. Your feedback will make Windows Live Wave 4 complete.

Upgrade for Microsoft Security Essentials

The Windows Live OneCare successor Microsoft Security Essentials (code name “Morro”), currently in closed beta at Microsoft Connect, has been upgraded to version 1.0.1500.0. The update is delivered using the built-in updater, and brings us a new system notification icon. The final release is expected for the end of 2009.