Hotmail—from 1996 to 2010 and further

In the past two years, Microsoft has spent more energy in making Windows Live Hotmail even better. The result proves that these efforts were not in vain. But—what does “better” mean? What is important for a modern e-mail service in 2010 and beyond?

Windows Live Essentials… 2011

When talking about the next version of Windows Live Essentials, we talked about its code name “Wave 4,” or about “Windows Live 2010.” Now, Francisco Martín García, related to Microsoft Iberia, has pointed out that the new version is not going to be called “2010.”

This Week’s Thoughts: Securing your wireless network

Is a WLAN operator legally responsible for strangers connecting to his network and getting criminal? The Federal Court of Germany will decide on 12 May. Though, everybody should operate a secured wireless network — for your own interest and regardless of the court’s judgment.