Welcome to Streetview, Oberstaufen!

7,225 inhabitants, idyllic position in the German Alps with mountains and cows—that’s Oberstaufen. At once, this small town gets highly popular, as Google starts its Web service Streetview in Germany with photos from Oberstaufen.

Messenger Plus 4.9—just an in-between solution

Messenger Plus! is getting near to its fifth version, planned for release in December 2010. Plus! 5 will have complete support for Messenger 2011 (Wave 4). However, in the meantime Yuna Software has published an in-between version, Messenger Plus! 4.9, with only partial support for the new Windows Live Messenger.

WebP: can it replace JPEG?

Google is developing a new Graphics format called WebP (pronounciated “weppy”). A first developer preview for WebP proves that image file sizes can be reduced markably, while retaining the image quality.