Welcome to Streetview, Oberstaufen!

Oberstaufen, erster deutscher Ort in Streetview

7,225 inhabitants, idyllic position in the German Alps with mountains and cows—that’s Oberstaufen. At once, this small town gets highly popular, as Google starts its Web service Streetview in Germany with photos from Oberstaufen.

So it is not one of the announced 20 big cities that is made available online first. However, all of this is not coincidentally: Marketing experts baked a pie and made it the center of a campaign, inviting Google to camera drives.

Walter Grath, Major of Oberstaufen, stated:

Potential visitors want to preview the area they will be going to for holidays. We surely hope that Oberstaufen gains more popularity as tourism town and that people planning their holidays in the Alps and in the Allgäu will first think about Oberstaufen.

My personal opinion: He is right. A small spa like Oberstaufen can only profit from the additional popularity. Google makes it possible—this time without any privacy concerns.