Windows Update: Resolving error code 8000FFFF

Automatic updates help to keep your Windows up-to-date. However, the update feature does not always work smoothly. At times, searching for updates fails with “error code 8000FFFF.” You can fix this easily.

Windows XP, Vista, 7: When DEP Prevents Apps From Starting

Tuning your computer does not always lead to the desired result. Sometimes, your computer has more problems after tuning than it had before. For example, wrong tuning measures can cause that programs do not start anymore but you only see the error message “Data Execution Prevention.” Use the following work-around to launch the program nevertheless.

Windows 7 SP1: Internal Testing

According to a report by the US magazine ZDNet, Service Pack 1 for Microsoft’s current operating system Windows 7 is already tested internally. It might thus be available earlier than expected. The latest unofficial news consider September 2010 as possible release date.