Upcoming project releases at mynetx Creations

I thought it was about time to let you know what I am currently working on. While you can find the complete list at the Projects page, here is a summary of the most interesting bits. MPLCode A Messenger Plus! script for sending/receiving programming codes formatted instead of plain-text. WLMStatus

Thank you, mates!

It has been one year since I started this blog.  Many things have changed, but one thing has stayed: it is you visitors, you readers, that make this blog living.  I would never have assumed that this blog would get over 50,000 visitors in just one year, with more than

Changing clothes

Since yesterday, my blog has a new theme, designed by Picturepan2 (owner of I hope you enjoy the design as much as I do… Tell me your opinion about it. I also changed the blog tagline from “Messenger news, Windows tips, and more” to “Windows Live Enhanced”. If you’re

Dark forces around an intelligent guy?

In its issue of January 29, 2009, The Guardian has published a controversial, even critical essay on Patchou, the creator of Messenger Plus!. I found it worth reading, however decide yourself. The adware altercation Software developer Patchou provokes fierce opinions in cyberspace. His army of fans think he’s a genius;

Memory on Fire[fox]

The other day I was wondering why my computer got unusually slow. When I opened the task manager and looked through the entries there, I saw what the reason was. Have a look yourself: Obviously Firefox ate a quite big amount of my RAM, making Windows behave sleepy. I had

2008: A Retrospective

What was 2008 like for me? Read a summary. 1 WLMStatus software name 1 WLMStatus Premium version 6 additional WLMStatus translations 6 updated WLMStatus client versions 1 Skinning Contest winner: stormless Messenger 3 server moves 2 server crashes 2 Messenger betas 1 Messenger Release Candidate 12 Messenger Plus! private betas