Memory on Fire[fox]

The other day I was wondering why my computer got unusually slow. When I opened the task manager and looked through the entries there, I saw what the reason was. Have a look yourself:

Obviously Firefox ate a quite big amount of my RAM, making Windows behave sleepy. I had thought that the Mozilla developers had improved the Firefox memory usage in the Firefox 3 series?!

What are your experiences with browser memory usage?


  1. Here it does that too.. usually 700MB.. now at 775MB.. but I’m with about 20 tabs open.. I don’t suffer too much because I have 4GB of physical memory..

  2. FF’s memory usage depends on a lot of things. Tried disabling all add-ons and re-enabling one by one?

    How many tabs are opens is ofcourse a big factor too.

  3. That’s why I use Chrome…each tab uses about 6mb-70mb, (your site is using 7Mb…).
    With 12tabs opened (8 Msgplus! Forums, 2 your site, 2 youtube…), chrome is consuming only 129mb =)
    (Firefox is really memory consuming, lets wait for 3.1)

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