How-to: Connect Your SkyDrive In Windows Explorer

Your web drive SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free storage that you can use from everywhere.  However, uploading and accessing its contents from your web browser can get tiring.  Unless you connect Windows Live SkyDrive to Windows Explorer.

After going through the following how-to, you will be able to access your SkyDrive folders from a mapped network drive, e.g. drive “S:\\”.  You do not need any extra software to do this.

  1. Open your browser, and navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Windows Live ID.
  3. Copy the UID part of the displayed URL, like: .
  4. Leave SkyDrive open, and take note of one of your folder names.
  5. Open Windows Explorer.
  6. On the left sidebar, right-click on Network.  Choose Map network drive.
  7. Enter the following URL: \\\\1234567890abcdef\\XYZ
  8. Replace “XYZ” with the folder name you noted and that you want to map.
    Note: Replace “Documents” with “^2Documents”, and “Public” with “^2Public”.
  9. Choose a drive letter, and submit the dialog.
  10. You will be prompted for your Windows Live ID.  Sign in.
  11. Then, you can access all the files and subfolders within your SkyDrive folder, including copying and pasting.  You can even open and edit files directly!


  1. Great feature! Tried it with Windows 7 32 bit with Office 2010 Beta and it works great! The first time I could not connect to the subfolders but only the root which did not show any of the subfolders. Then from home on a Windows 7 home edition 64bit with the Office 2010 beta It worked right away. The next day I tried back from work with the Windows 7 32 bit and got it to work instantly. The map drive option works and the Choose a custom network location also works. I also tried from Office 2007 from an other pc and saved to the mapped drive successfully. I just find everything is slow.

  2. Pfff, u are as***le, i give the solution a few days ago and u make like u find it!

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