Esperimento a 256 colori, Parte II: rendering dei Browser

Cosa succede quando tenti di accedere alla HomePage di Windows Live al sito a 256 colori? Bella domanda. La risposta è: dipende dal tuo browser. Perché? Perché lo sfondo (l’“onda”) è renderizzata differentemente, a seconda del motore di rendering utilizzato dal browser. Ma—dai tu stesso un’occhiata: Questo è Internet

Upgrade for Microsoft Security Essentials

The Windows Live OneCare successor Microsoft Security Essentials (code name “Morro”), currently in closed beta at Microsoft Connect, has been upgraded to version 1.0.1500.0. The update is delivered using the built-in updater, and brings us a new system notification icon. The final release is expected for the end of 2009.

Mein Browser ist ein schlechter Typ :(

„Windows Live ist für Sie entwickelt worden, aber vielleicht nicht für Ihren Browser.“ Das hab ich auf meinem Bildschirm gelesen, als ich Windows Live Kalender mit Google Chrome geöffnet hatte. Die Meldung rät mir, entweder Internet Explorer 6 oder höher, oder Safari 3 oder höher, oder Firefox 2 oder höher,

My browser is a bad guy :(

“Windows Live is designed for you, but maybe not for your browser.” This was what I saw on my screen when I opened Windows Live Calendar with Google Chrome. The alert advises me to use either Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Safari 3 or higher, or Firefox 2 or higher,