Windows Live and You: A Chinese Microsoft fanboy (Yan Zhu)

Continuing the series of interviews for Windows Live and You, I talked with the owner of Chinese LiveSide, which is He lives in Shanghai, China; many of you will probably know him as “Picturepan2” while his real name is Yan Zhu (??). mynetx: Sorry to steal your night, I

Updated: Windows Live Video Messages

Many people don’t know about it: Windows Live Video Messages, part of the Web services. Introduced in September 2008, It combines digital video with e-mail into a service that allows all web cam users to create, send, and receive video messages to anyone in their Windows Live Contacts list, even

Windows Live Profile Updates: Facebook, and more!

Since yesterday, the list of Web Activity providers available for integration into your Windows Live Profile has been extended. Major providers have been added, some of them had been announced back in January. Here are some of the most interesting updated bits: Facebook is now a Web Activity provider (Add

We want to hear from YOU!

This is a guest post by Patchou, Messenger Plus! creator. I admit it, at first, it was fun to count the years. But now, like for a kid who has grown older, it seems that Messenger Plus!’s childhood is over as the intervals between its birthdays become less and less

Windows Live and You: THE BIG “?”

THE BIG “?”. This is a brand I am introducing for a new series of blog posts called “Windows Live and You”. This series will feature interviews with people in the Windows Live and Messenger business as well as articles on the impact that Windows Live Essentials and Web Services