Microsoft Office 2010 Starter: Details emerge

When Office 2010 is released in June, on many computers there will be a special Office version, replacing pre-installed Works. This Office version, Office Starter, contains trimmed versions of Word and Excel. Chris Capossela, Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Information Worker Product Management Group, talked about some Office 2010 Starter details.

CeBIT 2010: Some highlights

CeBIT in Hanover (Germany), it is still the largest computer trade fair worldwide, even with having shrunk in the past years – this year again with fewer exhibitors and fewer visitors. Some companies though have a CeBIT booth for the first time, like the Web gigant Google.

This Week’s Thoughts: Hidden data

Many people send texts, spreadsheets, photos and videos—while not knowing that they contain much information that other people can discover with ease and that might be indiscreet. Who has collaborated on the text? How often has it been revised? What camera and aperture has been used to take the photo?

How-to: Connect to a synced folder with Windows Live Sync

If you have Windows Live Sync installed on your computer, you can connect a computer to a synchronized folder to synchronize files. You must install the Sync software from the Sync website, on every computer that you want to synchronize files on. You can connect multiple computers to a personal

Ribbon UI e Windows Live Writer

Ribbon è dovunque. Originariamente fu introdotto come un nuovo modo di usare l’Interfaccia Utente in Office 2007, oggi lo vedo nei strumenti utente di Windows, come Wordpad e Paint, così come in tutte le applicazioni Office, naturalmente. Windows 7 ha fatto un grande passo nell’implementare lo Scenic Ribbon UI Framework

Ribbon-Oberfläche in Windows Live Writer

Ribbons sind überall. Ursprünglich in Office 2007 eingeführt als neuer Weg, auf Benutzeroberflächen zuzugreifen, sehe ich sie heute in Windows-Werkzeugen wie Wordpad oder Paint, und natürlich auch in allen Office-Anwendungen. Windows 7 hat das zugrunde liegende Scenic Ribbon UI Framework gefördert, und laut den letzten Neuigkeiten wird es sogar für