Messenger problems: Handwriting does not work

If you want to switch to the handwriting feature in Messenger, but that is failing, try the following: Install Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer 1.5. Restart your computer after the setup is complete. Then, install the security update for Windows Journal Viewer. Restart your computer again. Now sign in to Messenger

Messenger-Probleme: Handschrift-Funktion klappt nicht

Falls du die Handschrift-Funktion in Messenger starten möchtest, und das nicht klappt, versuche Folgendes: Installiere Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer 1.5. Starte deinen Computer nach der Installation neu. Dann installiere das Sicherheitsupdate für Windows Journal Viewer. Starte deinen Computer noch einmal neu. Nun melde dich bei Messenger an und versuche dann,

Upgrade for Microsoft Security Essentials

The Windows Live OneCare successor Microsoft Security Essentials (code name “Morro”), currently in closed beta at Microsoft Connect, has been upgraded to version 1.0.1500.0. The update is delivered using the built-in updater, and brings us a new system notification icon. The final release is expected for the end of 2009.