Windows Live Essentials Beta: RCs now publicly available

After some delay in shipping, the Windows Live team has now updated the public downloads and the Release Candidate of the Windows Live Essentials Suite is now available for free download. The Windows Live Essentials include Windows Live Mail 2009 RC, Windows Live Messenger 2009 RC, Windows Live Photo Library

Live Essentials RCs: In case you wonder

Just in case you wonder about the announced release of the Windows Live Essentials (that is, the programs for your PC, like Live Mail, Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker, Live Writer, Live Toolbar and Live Family Safety) – they had been planned to ship Friday noon Redmond

Windows Live Sync released

The former Windows Live FolderShare has been renamed to Windows Live Sync and released to the public. When I installed the new client, however, I couldn’t find any differences to the old FolderShare, except for the Wave 3 sign-in wizard. The team reports some enhancements in its new Live Sync

Windows Live tips in the upcoming Release Candidate

The release candidate of Windows Live Messenger 2009, being expected for this week, will feature a new function to hint you how to use certain functions within Windows Live. This popup window will show you usage tips about the new Windows Live experience and won’t open on each sign-in, but

Live Wave 3 rollout, Part III: Remaining services

Let’s take a look at the rest of the services in a After-Before mode. Click the images to enlarge them. Windows Live Events Windows Live Home Windows Live SkyDrive Windows Live Spaces Now we’re looking forward to the rest of the week. It will bring us the complete new set