New Hotmail for everybody!

The Hotmail team has finally finished the new Windows Live Wave 4 upgrade for all user accounts of Hotmail. According to the team, more than 350 million users in more than 220 countries now take advantage of this big update.

Hotmail—from 1996 to 2010 and further

In the past two years, Microsoft has spent more energy in making Windows Live Hotmail even better. The result proves that these efforts were not in vain. But—what does “better” mean? What is important for a modern e-mail service in 2010 and beyond?

Wave 4: Chris Jones about the future of Windows Live

“Wave 4:” In few weeks, Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows Live services. After a long internal test phase with thousands of Microsoft employees, the first release is at hand. Next, end users will get involved. Your feedback will make Windows Live Wave 4 complete.