My browser is a bad guy :(

“Windows Live is designed for you, but maybe not for your browser.” This was what I saw on my screen when I opened Windows Live Calendar with Google Chrome. The alert advises me to use either Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Safari 3 or higher, or Firefox 2 or higher,

The 256 colors experiment, Part II: Browser renderings

What happens when you try to access the Windows Live Home site at with 256 colors? Good question. The answer is: that depends on your browser. Why? Because the background art (the “wave”) is rendered differently, depending on what browser rendering engine is being used. But—have a look yourself:

Internet Explorer 8 released

After some two years of development, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Final, wanting to get their hands back on the market percents lost to other browsers in the recent years. The strategy is adding some new functions and reinventing the existing IE functionality. Internet Explorer 8 has been released

IE8 Development finished

Apparently the IE Team has finished the development of Internet Explorer 8. The IE8 Final is likely to have the build string “8.0.6001.18691”, according to the Russian site According to internal sources, even the platform versions and languages have been made available. The presentation of Internet Explorer 8 Final

Changing clothes

Since yesterday, my blog has a new theme, designed by Picturepan2 (owner of I hope you enjoy the design as much as I do… Tell me your opinion about it. I also changed the blog tagline from “Messenger news, Windows tips, and more” to “Windows Live Enhanced”. If you’re

Google Chrome released out of beta

Only some hours after announcing that Google Chrome would leave the beta state soon, Google has updated their browser to version Many OEM and manufacturer partners have been awaiting that step as bundling the browser with new PCs is only possible with a non-beta browser. But check yourself: