Windows 8: Leaked documents with consequences

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The publication of internal Microsoft documents meant for hardware partners to get an overview about the Windows 8 plannings has consequences.

Microsoft has deleted Francisco Martín García’s Windows Live Space that had been used, among others, to publish the papers to the Web. Microsoft Enthusiast Stephen Chapman states:

Microsoft is officially on the war path to finding who leaked the information in the first place.

Therewhile, the leak could result in bad consequences for an HP employee as well. In one of the published slides, the e-mail address of Derek Goode, working for HCL HP’s System Software Engineering, appears. The operators of WinVista had to agree that the HP employee’s e-mail-address had been overlooked while preparing the documents for publication. They had originally been converted from XPS to PDF in order to avoid the possible source to be discovered.

“Many hours” had been invested to remove watermarks and other protective measures before publishing the information. Apparently, one slide has been missed. Watchers like Neowin’s Tom Warren assume that the OEM presentation had been leaked some weeks ago already, but was just not published until now.


  1. Francisco must have had access to a lot of data through his position at work or the like as he regularly posted stuff on his Spaces account that was obviously close hold info.

    It is no surprise that his Spaces account has been locked down and I would not be surprised to see if they associate him with a work place with access and that does not get restricted/closed as well.

    Info is great but you should never bite the hand…

  2. The scary part (for him mostly) is, when the online media starts putting the blame to him for leaking the document in the first place (if it’s really him, innocent until proven) and not taking part in protecting or doing anything for compensation of the trouble he get for leaking such a big news.

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