New Update Strategy For Firefox

Mozilla is changing the Firefox update strategy. The new plans include to integrate new features also into security updates. This way, functionality gets added to the browser more quickly. The project Firefox 3.7 is discontinued, while Firefox 3.6 will ship tomorrow.

Minor update for Messenger Plus! Live: 4.83

All the noise around Windows 7—and a new build of Messenger Plus! is released.  What’s new?  The most important changes: Improved network hooking mechanism. For some people, this will improve how Messenger Plus! catches various network events (used for notifications, the event viewer, …). For other people, this will solve

What happened to

“Windows Live Personalised Experience”—this is what Wikipedia calls, the successor of This service allowed you to put together your own home page with gadgets and other stuff to get you a home on the Web. Much like iGoogle, to be honest. Frozen project, it seems. Dead project? Let’s

Windows 7 browser ballot screen accepted by European Union

Microsoft may distribute Windows 7 with the browser ballot screen proposed by the Windows team. The European Commission accepted the offer. From Windows 7 onwards, the user sees a selection dialog to install other browsers than Internet Explorer, when they set up the system. Within the dialog, the 5 most

Upcoming project releases at mynetx Creations

I thought it was about time to let you know what I am currently working on. While you can find the complete list at the Projects page, here is a summary of the most interesting bits. MPLCode A Messenger Plus! script for sending/receiving programming codes formatted instead of plain-text. WLMStatus