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Reinventing Hotmail Wave 5 with HTML5

23 April 2011
The fifth wave of the Windows Live services is due in 2012 the earliest. In this wave, Hotmail could get revamped with HTML5-specific features too. For example, the Hotmail team is planning to support Offline storage.

IE9 planned for mid-March 2011

19 February 2011
Internet Explorer 9 is nearing completion. The IE team announced a big event for 14 March, 2011, celebrating the “beauty of the web.” This is what an invitation in the official Exploring IE blog says.

Internet Explorer 9: Watch out for the fake update

15 November 2010
Fake security updates for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 3 are currently spreading as malware on the web. The malware programmers use spam e-mails to spread their work. What you would really install upon downloading these “updates” is a trojan horse.

Internet Explorer 9: Public beta started

15 September 2010
As promised and much anticipated, Microsoft has started the beta phase for Internet Explorer 9 during their Beauty of the Web special event.

15 September: IE9 Beta Day

13 August 2010
The first Internet Explorer 9 beta will launch on September 15, 2010. This is what Microsoft announced in the official Internet Explorer blog. Invitations for a special event have been sent out to a selected group of web publishers, bloggers, designers and magazine editors.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta in August

2 July 2010
Seemingly Microsoft is starting the Internet Explorer 9 Beta phase in August. This is what internal documents state that hardware partners received about plans for Windows 8.

Internet Explorer 9 to play an important role at MIX10

15 March 2010
Dean Hachamovitch, IE General Manager, is one of the keynote speakers for MIX10. Dean is going to talk about the changes and enhancements at Internet Explorer 9 that have taken place since PDC09, back in November 2009.