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Tag: Hardware

Microsoft is touching the Surface

19 June 2012
In an all-secret press event at the Milk Studios in L.A. today (18 June 2012), Microsoft has revealed a new tablet computer. Specifically designed for Windows 8, this tablet runs on either the ARM or the Intel platform. Here’s a first glance at the new hardware.

No new devices for Zune. The End?

14 March 2011
After more than one month of speculation about the future of Microsoft’s music player brand Zune, these are going to come to an end. There will be no new players or hardware developments for Zune anymore.

iPad launches in Europe

29 May 2010
Since yesterday, you can buy it in Germany and several other European countries: the iPad. Apple succeeds in making true what other manufacturers can only dream of: People flood stores and order a device for several hundred Euros—without knowing what the device can do.

Windows 7 is out. What now?

23 October 2009
Windows 7 is generally available since yesterday. Never have the expectations for a new operating system been as high as this time, as we as end users have never been integrated into finding ideas for a new Windows, like we have this time. On top of that, Windows Vista has moved to the storage siding and is called a big flop by some people. Surely expectations climb up then - can Windows 7 embrace them?